Best Diwali Advertising Campaigns

10 Best Diwali Advertising Campaigns That Managed To Spark Gleaming Lights

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Best 10 Diwali Ad Campaigns that managed to spark gleaming lights with visual treats and confectionary creativity and melodious music feast. 

With the majority of the Indians spending a substantial amount of their annual income, festival bonus. Diwali becomes a period when advertisers unload their biggest chunk of ad spends and campaigns early.

It tries to out beat their competitors and tries to reach out to the masses as early as possible. Mingles with the audience, by lowering the costs for customers.

By lowering the costs the brand increases the number of customers who visit their official website and also increases offline footfalls.

Which attracts the banks to provide more offers on credit cards, No cost EMI offer, and much more. Even fintech comes into this game to lure customers.

Their end goal is to pull more customers.

A Penny Invested by brands during the festive season and IPL season is worth it.  

The period has always been a cluttered space for brands and agencies, which is why brands go in no holds barred, tapping long-format stories, not compromising on the production value, and roping top endorsers.

Sentimental stories, homecoming & away from home tales, associating with a cause, catchy music compositions. Loaded with various brand offers and messging. Collaborating with endorsers are some of the trends that have persisted through the years, along with few distinctive themes. 

Best Diwali Advertising Campaigns

Here are the Top 10 Diwali Ad Campaigns that stood out in terms of delivering meaningful and unique messages based on different themes and out-of-the-box ad film concepts highlighting the importance of family, love, light and hope, awareness and social message. 

1) HP Diwali | Umeed Ka Diya |

#HPIndia​ #TuJashnBan​ #GoLocal​ #HappyDiwali​ #HPDiwali​ #Diwali2018​

This advertisement will melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Support and respect local artisans. Ek karigar ki zindagi kush kariye iss diwali. 

HP Diwali Advertisement: One small step taken by all of us can bring along a big difference in someone else’s Diwali. Support the street vendors, our lights brighten their homes too. #TuJashnBan​ kisi ki zindagi ka, an HP India initiative.

Umeed ka diya urging support for local artisans and street vendors. 

The three-minute video created by Autumn Worldwide shows the story of a child’s genuine concern for a street vendor, ‘Amma’ whose efforts to sell ‘diyas’ is not receiving a good response. 

To help ‘Amma’, the child designs, prints posters with her image, with the help of an HP notebook and printer, urging people to buy ‘diyas’ from her. This leads to increased footfall which helps ‘Amma’ to sell all her ‘diyas’. The necessity of childlike innocence to help the local street vendors is marvellously captured in this short video. 

Let’s empower local artisans selling handcrafted products. 

This Diwali 2021, support local artisans and small businesses. 

Don’t forget to buy from local artisans and gift your loved ones something special like the handwoven mask, eco-friendly diyas, jewellery and handcrafted clothes.

2) Vivo 

Delight Every Moment With A #SmileWalaDiya

Sparkle Smile and Shine This Diwali!

What I liked about the story, is that the story plot is capturing a real issue common to all humankind. The story leaves us inspired by the innocence of children learning through the ways of dealing with obstacles. 

Zindagi mein kahi bhadhayein aate rehte hai. Mushkil waqt par apne kuch khaas dost hi saath dete hai. Iss saal ki Diwali mushkura kar celebrate kare apne doston aur pariwaar ke saath. 

The film has brought to life by mixing interesting stills interspersed with customer stories all captured on Vivo’s flagship V series phones. 

Vivo India’s campaign was delightful and smile-including, showcasing the sheer joy in making someone happy this Diwali!

This commercial is conceptualized and co-produced by Schbang, Happymonk Production. #SmileWalaDiya was all about bringing a smile to loved ones this Diwali.

3) Big Bazaar #PaperPatakha​#ShubhShuruaat

Big Bazaar’s ‘Paper Patakha’ ad film shows a Big Bazaar staff member introducing the ‘Paper Patakha’ to a kid, who passes on the idea and popularizes it as the new ‘Patakha’. 

The idea of a better and cleaner Diwali using ‘Paper Patakha’, soon gets spread and is adopted by many. This ad was led by TVC and amplified through Radio, Print, Outdoor, Digital medium and in-store activations. What a thoughtful concept to celebrate a festival of lights and crackers in an eco-friendly way.

What do you think about the paper phataka idea?

Let’s celebrate this year Diwali with a paper phataka. 

Festivals are the time to start something new. So why not start with a new kind of celebration? 

A celebration of a #PaperPatakha​ Diwali, Let this festive season mark the auspicious beginning, a #ShubhShuruaat​ of your new ventures, new relationships, and new dreams. 

Wish the ones you love, a Shubh Shuruaat this festive season.

4) Celebrate Dhamake Se! Ft. Baba Sehgal | #DiwaliWithMi

Have you listened to his #DiwaliWithMi song?

Glad that #Diwali has started with such a Dhamaka!

Baba Sehgal Fans you must definitely watch this out. 

Baba Sehgal, known for his Hindi rap songs, stared in the new upbeat Diwali music video for Redmi India.

Baba Sehgal emerged as one of the voices of the lockdown with his catchy and super positive music. 

A unique way  product integration of (Redmi note 9 pro,  Mi 10 Mi TV, Redmi 9A, Wireless Earbuds 2C) not losing out on the entertainment quotient. 

The outcome is there for everybody to see, listen & enjoy. 

This #DiwaliWithMi campaign perfectly fits the festive shopping narrative & an entertaining way of asking the consumers to join in the celebration.

5) Not Just A Cadbury Ad Campaign Video

This is not just a Cadbury Ad. This is an Innovative Ad that stands for the support of small businesses. 

Mondelez India’s Diwali campaign took a hyperlocal approach backed by AI. The main concept revolves around the idea of supporting local stores to help revive the economy from the impact of the pandemic. 

The ad leverages technology and AI to create a hyper-personalized ad wherein during this ad, these stores is featured against the product category for specific pin codes in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Indore, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow.

While consuming the ad – An algorithm located on the Pincode mapped the various local stores and served the one closest to the individual in real-time.

The AI-enabled system had created thousands of permutations for a localised version of the same ad.

This is the first-ever hyper-personalised ad ever created. 

The ad was not just advertised for Cadbury (The brand) itself but for thousand’s of small business all across India. Most of the stores in India doesn’t have a digital presence. 

Small retail owners in Indian are not aware of bringing their business to the digital forefront. They still rely on word-of-mouth marketing, referral and other traditional methods of marketing.

But because of the pandemic as every business, industry and institution and big establishments came to a standstill, Businesses that had little digital and social media presence had a chance of surviving and because of which helped in continuing their operation, communication, and updating with their customers. 

But things have started to change, Many small businesses owners and retail shops are slowly and steadily realising about how online presence would help their business to grow and connect with their existing and potential customers and how the digital and social platform makes it easy to communicate with their circle of audience. 

Small businesses need to keep on observing the new market and industry trends, adapt them to their business and keep on evolving otherwise the growth would be stagnant and very limited to the inner circle. 

6) Surf Excel – Ab Lagh Rahi Hai Diwali 

Light symbolizes hope and brightens up more clarity in our life. Binding this thought firmer, Surf Excel plugs in some buoyancy for humanity by greeting the glorious Indian festival of Diwali and warming the hearts of their consumers through the eyes of a little boy in their digital film, #AbLagRahiDiwali.

Kushiyon ki Diwali desh ke har ek kone par honi chahiye chaahe woh badi ho ya chotti. Don’t just celebrate Diwali on your own, do share the love of Diwali with everyone. 

Show humanity and empathy to your near and dear ones, make everyone’s life happy and bring a smile to their face. 

7) Aao Manaye Tanishq Wali Diwali

Tanishq commercials never let us down. Each festive season the brand mesmerises the audience with something new and unique, the storytelling, music composition, raw and relatable moments captured in each scenario. 

The Lyrics and the music composed for this ad is nothing short of big-budget Bollywood music.

This is visual and audio treat each and everyone must listen to this beautiful composition, it highlights the importance of tradition and showcases how different families are surprising their loved ones with Tanishq Jewellery

My favourite lyrics from this particular ad:

Hum dil walon ki diwali

Sone si chamakti hai

Sone di dhamakti hai

Aao Manaaye Tanishqwali Diwali

8) Pepsi and Kurkure #GharWaliDiwali 

If you’re not home with the people you love, this Diwali. Nothing in the world is going to light up your heart.

The storytelling  is apt and any son or daughter can relate to this ad.  You may not be able to hold back your tears. 

Parents are our support system throughout your life. Without them we are nothing.

Father and Mother both understand a lot just from our face what we are going through. They are the problem-solvers, show us empathy and guide us, and show us the path to grow and fulfill our dreams expecting nothing in return. 

Devote some time for your parents when they become older. Break your regular schedule, make a surprise visit at least during the festive season and revive your old memories with them.

Make them feel special and show your presence. 

Happiness is celebrating the festival with your parents. 

There is no Diwali like #GharWaliDiwali.

9) Mata Laxmi ko Safe Rakhna | Axis Bank | Happy Diwali & Children’s Day

Axis Bank Mata Lakshmi ko safe rakhna, a special performance by Children on how to keep Mata Lakshmi safe while shopping online

What’s so special about this ad? 

When you read something you tend to forget it very quickly. But, if you hear a song, you might end up humming it”. This is the speciality of this ad concept. 

Each and every nuance of online shopping awareness has been covered in this classical music composition which seems to be from the movie “Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma” and its original music is sung by Late  Music Artist S.P Balasubrahmanyam.  Who is an actor, Music director, dubbing artist, and Film Producer. 

Well, Autumn Grey advertising agency has done a brilliant job on creating an out-of-the-box music concept by bringing in special performances by children on how to keep Mata Lakshmi (Fortune/Money) safe while shopping online. Covering most of the nuances which need to be noticed while shopping online. 

It makes awareness on how to shop online safely. As there are many scamsters and fraud websites who are luring all over the internet. 

People need to be extra safe especially while doing online shopping during the festive season. 

Don’t discrete bank-details, CVV or OTP. Trust only the authoritative shopping website. 

Before entering into any website, check out the URL section, website address and later decide whether it is a trustworthy or fake website.

All these points have been easily explained in an easy-to-understand language without any technical jargon added. 

The message and communication hit the right note. Watch out this video to be aware of the right way to shop online. 

10) Relationships in a new light with Coca-Cola

This short-quirky ad opens with Paresh Rawal’s dialogue. And the counter reply given by Ranbir Kapoor is damn savage!

Check out this short video. 

Oyee family ko miss kar raha hai matlab? 

Hum kya family se kum hai kya? 

The landlord-tenant duo played by Ranbir Kapoor and Paresh Rawal are back in a Diwali advertisement that is running on all major channels on television.

The advertisement was first uploaded to Coca-Cola India’s YouTube channel in October 2019 but has a comeback, both on its channel again (as a reupload) and on TV screens.

The advertisement features  Ranbir Kapoor as a tenant, spending Diwali away from his family and Paresh Rawal asks him if he was any less than his family, to which he replies that one normally doesn’t ask for rent from their family members.

While writing this article, 

I had been flipping the calendar through the years, and assorting the platter with Best Diwali Advertising Campaigns which is most viewed by the audience and has made a great impression in the minds of individuals. 

The above mentioned videos are not just an ad. It’s a great creation which has been executed with absolute clarity and vivid imagination. 

Which one did you like the most?

Do let us know in the comments section.

Thank you

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