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2021 Festival SEO & Marketing Strategy: More Sale This Holiday Season

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Namaste to all,

Let’s begin with traditionally:

Kay app ko festival me sales la na ha?

Do you want to rank in Festival Season on First page of SERP?

If your answer is YES, then I’m dam sure your landed on the right page on the whole internet.

In the below content, we will share the 2021 Festival SEO & Marketing Strategy through which we used to drive millions of visitors during the festive season to our online stores, website, and e-commerce.

If the main component of your festive website or eCommerce website represents the Diwali product you want to sell in this festival, then you must know conversion rate optimization (CRO) Search engine optimization (SEO) is the game-changer for you because the 2021 Diwali holiday season is going to rise even more due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Millions and millions of people in India will rush to get their hands on Gifts for friends relative and loved ones, especially on Diwali Holidays.

Many people in India think making a website and adding a product that’s it – and thinking Bas Ab Mere Sales Aayega, it’s not like that. After the months of pent-up demand amid the coronavirus pandemic now consumers are likely to buy the product online and demand for the product is increasing day by day. Positive buying sentiment for Diwali 2021 is shown by the Consumers-influencer says analytics company TRA Research

Website is the one part where you show your page product and services but it’s not enough for any search engine to rank a website that is not optimized.


Festival SEO for Online Store

If you are here then I hope you have a basic understanding of SEO or What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a powerful technique to get your online store under the spotlight.

SEO is the medium focused on driving organic long term results. Just think like SEO is one tweak on the website to boost a conversion rate by 10% – 35% on your website then can you really afford not to?

Since we all know the Festive season in India is marks the peak annual sale moment where every buddy is willing to swipe their card, hence it’s very important to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages. The reason behind this is very simple you all know Jo Diktha Hai Wo Bikta Hai.

Festival SEO

If anyone searches for the best watch to gift my wife this Diwali and if your website is not on the first page of a search engine then you could miss out on millions. If you serve the user then all deals are yours.

So, SEO becomes the most demanding optimization for your online store during the holidays. If you neglect SEO in the festive season, you may end up losing a major portion of your possible annual revenue in just a few festive days.

So the words that I want to tell you is ranking on google isn’t something a overnight game.

It’s never early enough to start planning for the most wonderful time of the year. So, if you have an online store or online business please start thinking about the festive holiday season shopping.

It is very crucial to have a Best SEO Strategy to established ahead and drive most visitors to your eCommerce store and capture more sales

So let’s start by integrating Festival SEO/Holiday SEO Marketing Strategies into your E-commerce strategy to maximize your organic traffic.

Last Year’s Trends Analysis

If you are just starting out it very challenging to discern how to start the strategy building on how to improve the site ranking and Keyword behavior analysis and many other things.

So to have a clear picture it is very crucial to look at the previous year trends.

For this, there are many tools available in marketing but I’ll go with a free tool called Google trends.

google trends officialdiwali.com
Google Trends

In google trends, you’ll start with typing the keyword you know and from there you’ll come to know which keyword seasonality trends have the potential to drive the traffic.

If you haven’t know how to leverage the google trends firstly read this article on 5 Effective Ways To Use Google Trends For SEO Strategy.

If you already done with that start dig the well of keyword in Google Search Console.

They can be very insightful you’ll come to know which keyword drives traffic to your website in previous years.

Diwali SEO officaldiwali.com
Diwali SEO

Google search console lets you select a timeframe so that you can easily check the previous year’s keyword compare the clicks, impressions, CTR, positioning of keyword, etc.

And thanks to Google search console and Google Analytics to giving this insightful analysis metrics for free is perhaps the most effective and important Festival SEO Strategy.

Understand The Keyword Intent

As you determine which product or service you want to sell after having a eye on Google Trends.

Finding the most used keyword by consumers while making a purchase decision for products is very important. I use Semrush for doing the topic research.


Now its a time to understand the keyword intent to target the SEO Strategy Campaigns.

Let’s have an example of watch brands and if you’re targeting the keyword Diwali Gift Idea 2021, Top Diwali Gifts. Then my friends you’re on a wrong track.

Lets have a clear picture behind the keyword –

While doing keyword research you’ll come up with this keyword hoping it has more search volume during the Diwali peak periods.

But my friends let me clear you this keyword Diwali Gift Idea 2021 is targeting the whole gift market niches and you’re in sub-niches in Watch brands.

So your potential seeking keyword is the best watches to gift this Diwali, best watch to gift my wife in Diwali, etc.

Keep in mind you want to structure your SEO Strategy around the targeted keyword, “watches 2021 diwali gift” “women watch 2021” “Best watches for girlfriends in Diwali 2021”.

And to be honest planning out this festival-specific keyword can be a little tricky. As potential search volume may vary depending on past year data and now after the COVID pandemic it obviously varies. My only suggestion “Trust your Gut”.

My clearcut points is focus on consumers intent and seasonal keyword to optimize your Product Page, Offer Announcements, Landing Pages or Blog Content.

Although you aren’t like to hit a sixes with every Festive Holiday shopping SERP. Always consider a smaller wins can pay off big time in terms of your SEO overall success.

Launch New Product or Something Unique

It’s a perfect time of the year to launch the new product in the market because everyone loves to have this. To be clear in this you’ll need the help of both the strategy simultaneously i.e SEO Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy.

If you make sure you gonna win this decision then start with writing the content about the product now. Approach a new blogger to have a review on that it gives the search engine a hint for what you are targeting for. The more you write about the product and reach out to the blogger upfront the more it will get viral and this will definitely boost your rank in the Google SERP.


Treat the product like a hero of the movie. This tip will definitely increase the festival eCommerce Sales.

Start Creating The Festival Content

As soon as you have the knowledge of a keyword to target, trends, and some strategical approach, Now it’s a time to create Unique content with which your audience engages.

We all know this process can require a significant amount of man-hours to carry out properly and convey your message correctly.

You can focus on Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Articles etc.

Posters are the best way to grab the attention, You can create the festival targeting theme, set of social media, banners. So for the production of all this task it will require time.

That’s why start the project as soon as you’ve decided to have a eagle eye on the festival.

Make your website or eCommerce store attractive don’t use the existing page instead create a festival-friendly Deal page. I’ll highly recommend you to have a talk with the web developer and focus on the new page look and call to action button too.

While doing all this your target keyword requires a new set of article content, which contains all of your targeted phrases. Make a TO-DO List for the user to have an eye on the festival of Diwali.

Overall creating a festival content is bit longer so don’t stress out take action one by one.

Last Year Content Optimization

Optimizing the existing Content I’ve consider as a “Hukam Ka Ikka” in the game of Ranking.

You might have a previous year’s well-performing landing page or blog. Then why not optimizing the existing content for the coming festive sales and make it feel fresh in the ranking run game.

This strategy help us in 3 ways:

  1. We don’t have to start the race from zero.
  2. Updating the content is easier than creating a newer one.
  3. Your existing article already has some backlink profile.

So your link buiding efforts might get reduced.

Below are some of the point that you must consider while optimizing the content.

  • Mention the year – eg Diwali 2021, 2021 gift, etc in the content.
  • According to your research update the Title Tag, Meta Description – OnPage SEO of the page.
  • Analyze the best-performing keyword from the previous year’s top-performing blog.
  • While making the existing content fresh change whatever you want but don’t change the URL.
  • Increase the word count, infographic on the blog section.
  • Improve your call to action on your website.

If your slug is officialdiwali.com/diwali-gift-idea-2020 change that to officialdiwali.com/diwali-gift-idea-2021.

Remember you have to redirct the older url to new one. In my suggstion dont use year in the url.

This are the small adjustment you have to do while using the existing content.


Site Technical Performance

I have seen many brands making the technical mistake in Festival SEO Optimization. During the peak period i have seen many ecommerce website experiencing the website outage or delays serving in angry shoppers and lost in millions.

Many businesses are not ready to handle the spike in the festival season traffic. Always make sure if you have an eCommerce website you must have a lightning-fast hosting server that can handle the traffic during the festival season.

Here are the 6 things that yottaa.com offers to do now to get your eCommerce site ready for the peak period.

1. Confirm your holiday website team staffing hours (Technical OperationsMarketing Operations )

2. Establish an “Emergency Plan” for site performance issues

3. Load test web pages to handle the peak in traffic

4. Avoid adding the new functionality to the website when the festival is close.

5. Get the full inventory and errors of your 3rd party technologies

6. Optimize and stabilize your site performance and always monitor it

There are many more reasons but I want to emphasize on one is Page Deletion and Redirect to a new one.

Many people delete the pages without redirecting to new product pages. If you delete the page that has authoritative links, high-quality content then please stop making this activity.

If you want to do that make sure you set up the 301 redirects to the new page.

Don’t forget about Mobile SEO. Nearly 75%-91% of searches are held on mobile so take a look at each page on your website to ensure every photo, video, the button is mobile responsive.

Structured Data For eCommerce

If you add the additional data to the search engine – in return you’ll get the product structured data of price, review, etc. This will help google to provide the enhanced search result for your site.

How Structured Data for e-commerce impacts your sales

Always make sure your important pages like the product page are marked up with the product schema.

If you implement the markup properly the users can see price availability and review rating right on Google Search Result Page

Make sure your PDP (Product Detail Page) is good.

Tips for good PDP

  1. Good Picture – From Different Angle
  2. Detailed Description
  3. Purchase Detail
  4. Rating & Reviews – helping to make the decision

You can also upload your complte product inventry to google merchant center both the prodyxt sold online as well as offline

There are few advantages of inventory in Google Merchant Center

  1. Fast data update
  2. Richer data
  3. More control over the date with its changes.

More detailed on Google Merchant Center

Areas to Focus on website

Page Category Optimizations:

  • Home
  • Category
  • Product

New template optimizations:

  • Responsive image size
  • Image slider optimizations (lazy loading)
  • JS error checks
  • Alt text should be relevant

Content push optimizations:

  • integrate with other media to promote your message 
  • Wonderful Infographic
  • Adding multiple images
  • Great online shopping experienc

Conclusion on Festive SEO Strategy

Planning in advance is the key to success in eCommerce marketing. Be on time while providing the right content to the user.  Be prepared; start now!

Your Content should:

  • Visual and not just Static text on the website.
  • Proper Offering Pitch.
  • A strong call to action

Festive SEO or Holiday SEO is the best way to invite visitors to your online store before they get on your competitor’s store.

Therefore in this blog, I’ve discussed some points on Holiday SEO to amplify your store revenue. By using this SEO strategy properly you can rank on the SERPs and strengthen the bond with their customers.

Have you started planning your 2021 holiday? If not then start as soon as possible and lets us know which of these tips you gonna use.

If you need any support with your Festival SEO Strategy in the run-up to Diwali festival,  get in touch.

If you need help with your Website SEO, strategy planning don’t hesitate to contact us.

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