Meaning and Significance of Dhanteras


Dhanteras is the combination of two Sanskrit words, ‘Dhan’ which means wealth, and ‘Teras’ denotes the thirteenth day of the moon cycle


This festival is celebrated to observe wealth and prosperity among families.

This is a festival which always comes in the month of Karthika, as per the lunar cycles. On the thirteenth day which is called Trayodashi, the thirteenth day of the “Karthika” month is the festival

Which is considered as the most serene month according to the Hindu Lunar calendar, this year Dhanteras 2022 is being observed on 23 October.

On Dhanteras day everybody is supposed to worship God of Wealth Kubera, worshipped to wealth, and prosperity

Many believe on this day the goddess of prosperity and wealth Mata Laxmi was born

People clean their houses to welcome the Maa Laxmi. It is considered to be auspicious to buy Gold, Silver, Kitchen Utensils, gadgets.

It is said that, by doing this, the family will stay financially strong and will also drive away any evil powers or spirits.

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