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7 Work From Home Creative and Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas 2023

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Diwali has a huge significance as far as workplace celebrations go.

Here are a few ideas on how you can celebrate Diwali while you Work From Home – WFH and increase employee engagement and keep the cultural environment more fun, creative, and interactive.

As one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals in India, Diwali has a huge significance as far as workplace celebrations go. Most companies decorate the office and distribute sweets and gifts to the employees.

Some even go as far as conducting ethnic day, Diwali-themed activities, grand feast, taking pictures and candid photographs, and keeping those posts updated in their social media handles. But now the culture is changed due to WFH and any more factors. The festive celebration that we used to celebrate in our office environment is not the same anymore.

The way we work may never be the same again. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed every aspect of our professional life — from our daily commute to the office, our work environment, to how we interact with our colleagues and peers, and most importantly the way we used to celebrate festive days in our office.

Of course, businesses are not running as usual. While a large proportion of employers are struggling to adjust to #NewNormal (i.e Work From Home- WFH), maintaining employee morale has been a challenge.

Virtual Diwali Celebration Ideas For Employees 2022

#NewNormal - Work From Home- WFH |
#NewNormal – Work From Home- WFH | Official Diwali

But it’s time to keep on evolving and adapting to the challenges and take it as an opportunity and chance to reshape and reinvent the workplace for a post-COVID-19 reality.

It has been close to 6 months we are caught up with living the WFH and so-called New Normal Life, and most of us have adapted to this. Most of us have worked from home, done countless video calls, juggled work and family duties, and have tried to maintain calm in the face of uncertainty.

How will jobs change in the future?

What will be the office culture look like?

Is it possible to celebrate festive days and other special days like before?

Well, of course, there is a way. The HR team needs to think from a different perspective and ditch the old way of celebrating the festive days in office. We have got resources and best technology. It’s time to make the best use of it and also our creative mind.

The Official Diwali team gives few tips on How you can WFH and Celebrate this year Diwali at the same time with much more fun, interaction, and in an engaging way.

But given the current circumstances, do you even remember what celebrating a festival feels like anymore in a office environments?

There are very few occasions, festivals or topics that appeal to all your employees and make the herculean task of pulling them off their desks easy. Diwali is one such festival which every employee looks forward to!

Be it the bonus, traditional dress-up, lighting up the whole office space, Rangoli making, buffet spread of sweets, or the high-on-energy activities – everyone’s got a smile on when this festival brings in so much positivity vibes at work.

The festival of lights at work  

Welcoming Goddess Lakshmi in the office, this beautiful festival of lights gives the chance of setting new targets, overcoming the evils of work-life and fostering new friendships.

If you were celebrating Diwali back in 2019 and before years, the tradition involves a Lakshmi puja followed by prasad and gifts.

It was fun but not like an unforgettable moment. But guess what? Not anymore! Official Diwali has got a new, creative, and interactive way of celebrating the festival at work.

Virtual Diwali Celebration Ideas For Office

7 Latest Diwali Celebration Ideas In Office – Creative and Fun Office Diwali Celebration








This year Diwali can really be a different way of celebrating all together. Better and a unique way of celebration. Technology is the major path-breaking reason which will make it happen.

If you are wondering about Last Minute Diwali Gift Ideas for Family and Friends you can have an eye on this content.

Let’s begin with

1) Get Set Festive Ready

Iss Diwali Pehno Apni Pehchan

Decide with your colleagues and office friends and get decked up in style. Or decide a perfect festive theme and dress accordingly, signifying the festive glow of Diwali.

Shoot a video of yours, boomerang, Instagram Reels, Behind the scenes video, Encourage every employee and non-working staffs click pictures and stitch it all together in a video format with the help of any mobile video editing software like Adobe Premiere Clips, Kinemaster, Adobe Rush and share it in your company social media handle.

Let the world and the audience have a glimpse of how your company celebrated Diwali 2022.

While picking out your Diwali outfit, experiment and think out of the box. Ditch the regular drapes and silhouettes. Match up your festive look with the best pair of ethnic wears.

This would also keep you busy and not let thoughts of home dampen your spirits. Be a better version of yourself this season and wear traditional outfits, ethnic wear with pride and confidence.

2) Unleash your fun, creative, and talented version of yourself.

This Diwali the stage is all yours, feel free to make use of the digital/virtual stage and showcase your hidden talents. It’s time to impress your boss and your colleagues.

Don’t limit yourself, Go ahead and do it- No one is going to judge you, you will really feel nervous at the first, but you are going to be in your comfort zone. Because you will be on your home or any comfortable space, and you can feel free to express yourself this time.

Andar ka aag bahaar aane de, Apna jalwa logo ko dikha de” Ye hi Asli mauka hai, Aisa mauka doobara nhi milega.

People will appreciate your hidden talented skills, whether it may be a short stand-up comedy, Singing a song, Playing any musical instrument, Dance, Narrating a story, Shayari anything it doesn’t matter.

What matters the most is giving your best shot and participating without any fear.

3) Book Virtual Music shows and Concerts

Nowadays there is many virtual music shows, DJ Concerts and stand-up comedy shows streaming virtually on BookMyShow and other platforms, and many music artists are also available for such shows.

Like for example The latest Sunburn, Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival kicked off Season 14 with the launch of ‘Sunburn @ Home’, a brand new Live Streaming venture, specially curated to reach out to millions of Sunburn Fans with an objective of encouraging the ‘Social Distancing’ and compulsory lockdown.

 Book Virtual Music shows and Concerts -
Book Virtual Music shows and Concerts

Yeah, it’s virtual music concerts in the future and the next big thing. You can get to experience real fun and go wild and groove your body to the EDM, Rock, and Metal, or any of your favorite music genres.

4) Online Digital Games

Digital video gaming is trending more than ever before as people spend their time indoors. This will be a perfect way to interact, have fun and be a little bit competitive. You can play games like LUDO, Tambola, UNO, Pictionary, or a little bit fierce and attack and action-oriented games like CS-GO, FAU-G (which is said to be launched by the end of October), FIFA, etc.

1) Online Tambola: About the activity: Same old charm, Digital Touch

Online Tambola: About the activity: Same old charm, Digital Touch -
Online Tambola: About the activity: Same old charm, Digital Touch
What You Can Expect

We all have played it with different names – Tambola, Tombola, BINGO, or Housie. Now you can play the same games with the fun multiplied as all your teams join in from different locations.

Key Take Aways

Looking for fun ways to spend festive times. Recognizing remote teams or even just sharing some moments together. This is perfect to get together a plan for employees and celebrate as one big family.

2) Diwali Card-a-thon

Who doesn’t love a quick game of cards during Diwali? Especially the card game that tests friendships– UNO!

About the Activity

A topical activity to usher in the festive fever.

What You Can Expect

Very specific to Diwali is the practice of playing cards. In this activity you can indulge in festival-centric card games and celebrate the essence of the occasion, to create an engaging environment.

Key Take Aways

A good way to bring in the festive cheer by inculcating problem-solving activities and healthy competition.

3) Easy-Peasy Pictionary: Showcase your artistic drawing skills (Just Kidding, Lol!)

Bright, colourful, mood-lifting, and easy-peasy drawings of the festival bring art and cheer to your office floor.

About the Activity

Drawing? Animals? Things? Guessing? Paper? You got that right – except for the paper and rubber and other drawing materials!

You just need to draw just like Majnu Bhai from Bollywood’s Welcome Movie.

Have fun with the Pictionary game online. Bring out your inner artist at work (pun intended) and guess what others have drawn to win this challenge.

What You Can Expect

A chuckling day of Pictionary on your office floor, except it’s online!
When one employee in Baroda draws a bird, the other in Bangalore thinks it looks like a cat – could a game any funnier than this? Boardgame brought to life with a user-friendly website makes this game a quick 10min destress at work.

Get ready, Picassos, it’s time to prove yourselves.

Key Take Aways

Who says drawing is pointless? It’s therapeutic, bright, mood-lifting, fun, and easy-peasy. Theme this game to any occasion and have fun drawing/guessing!

5) Cut down on the pomp and adopt a cause this year Diwali

Office Diwali celebration is of course known for its larger-than-life festive decor and activities, but sometimes it’s better to cut down on the pomp and adopted a cause this year.

Other than a Diwali decor and special lunch menu, regular by office standards, skip the sweets and chocolates and choose in favor of dry fruits, and adopt a cause maybe like gift Eco-friendly diyas, lamps made by special children, or local artists and bring a smile on their face.

6) OyeHappy- Put a smile on a face

As a company put a smile on people’s faces who are going through difficult phases – People living in the streets for a living,  try to arrange a special surprise for the students of NGO, maybe for hearing and speech impaired children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Distribute gifts and have some fun and entertaining time with them either virtually or maintain social distancing and spend time with them.

Donate to India’s Best NGO’S like Smile Foundation: Which encourages people to donate child livelihood needs and also has been providing education and nutrition through charitable donations to over 12,500 underprivileged children across the country, every year since 2002. Or even to Nanhikali- At Nanhikali which is an Indian non-governmental organization that supports education for underprivileged girls in India.

Each contribution counts: Established companies and Legacy brands should think out-side-the box they can even take initiatives which are based are tech driven-social media platform initiatives. Like in this case recently a Mumbai-based advertising agency, Schbang.

Technology has made our lives easier, more interactive, and addictive and it has brought us closer and solved many challenges. However, sometimes the most exciting facets of the tech around are often left unused and most of us are unaware of it.

One such feature is “Alt- Text.” It’s a simple and highly useful functionality introduced in 2018 by Instagram. It reads out loud the description we manually add to our posts while posting it, enabling the visually impaired to listen to an audio description.

Focused on driving a social change and launched the #AddTheAlt campaign on World Photography Day. The campaign was basically aimed at bridging the gap between art and its accessibility for specially-abled people with the use of technology the alt text, which drives the communication Making Instagram more accessible for 285 Million people.

Over 100 photographers pledge to make their art more accessible for the visually impaired by taking 1 simple step in this new campaign conceptualized by Schbang for Good.

People familiar with Instagram know that – Instagram is all about viewable -visual communication. Its pushing away people with related impairments from a world that is thriving on visual communication and messages. With the use of ‘alt-text,’ people who cannot see the pictures clearly can listen to the audio as they explore their feed. 

Go on, follow @thealtmuseum on Instagram, you will notice how they have brilliantly executed this initiative which is more effective.

7) Recognition matters- A Pat on the Back

  • Gifts – Give the employee gifts that have a Diwali theme.
  • Motivation– Award employees that provide inspiration and motivation to their colleagues
  • Completion – Honour employees for the achievement of tasks assigned to them and those that they volunteered to accomplish.
  • Publicity – Let them known how the company is performing well even during this hard time, and how they will overcome these challenges with a smile on their face and positivity.
  • Video – Put it on video and showcase your best employees and department which has performed well in this pandemic crisis.

That’s how you should be thinking about different ways your companies should be celebrating Diwali 2022 with the integration of technology and a bit of positivity and interactivity loaded.

So, when things finally get better, the celebrations will be the loudest!

More Information About Diwali

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In the upcoming Content, we will come up with a Gift Idea for the Diwali celebration.

Stay tuned to Officialdiwali for all Diwali updates.

Hoping this Amazing Diwali lights up your life.

Thank you

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